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Outstanding Online Courses for Educators & Families of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sue Larkey MA Spec Ed


Sue Larkey is unashamedly passionate about her mission – to inspire parents and educators and teach them how to Make it a Success.

Sue Larkey is uniquely positioned within the education system having taught both as a primary school teacher and a special education teacher. She is a highly qualified educator who has taught students with autism spectrum disorder in the mainstream and special schools. She combines practical experience with extensive research having completed a Masters in Special Education and currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education.

Author of 16 Books on ASD

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About US

Our Story

At Autism Spectrum Elearning we are committed to making available the most outstanding instructors from around the world to educators, professionals and families who have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ODD, and ADHD.

These Instructors provide the proven effective strategies and suggested resources for:

– busy teachers in today’s complex classroom to create an environment where both the child with ASD and the neurotypical students thrive.

– families to understand their child and put in place real-world strategies for the child and their family.

– professionals to provide the specialised care for children on the Autism Disorder Spectrum.



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