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Chewy Tubes
Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes | Wonderful for children who bite their clothes, bodies or seek objects to chew. Non-toxic, latex free, lead free and don’t contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes® are safe and can help redirect problem chewing behaviours and help develop proper chewing skills. A wide range of colours of Original (T-shaped) and Super Chewy Tubes (with handle) available.
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Desk Buddy Chewable Ruler
Desk Buddy Chewable Ruler

Desk Buddy Chewable Ruler | Different sensory patterns on each square for different sensory feedback. If your child constantly fidgets in his or her desk, or at home while doing homework, the Desk Buddy Sensory Bar is for them. For children who are constantly looking for different textures to touch or "fidget" with, the Desk Buddy is both practical and socially acceptable in a school setting.
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Early Years Package
Early Years Package

This package is specifically for children in their early years. The Pack includes: The Early Years, Practical Sensory Programmes, Practical Communication Programmes, Tips for Toileting, Teach Me to Play CD, Pics for PEC CD, 20cm Time Timer.
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Grip Stixx
Grip Stixx

Grip Stixx | An excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input, and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding. When used properly provides a safe and bacteria free alternative for children who chew on shirts, pencils, fingers. A range of colours and flavours available.
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A funky chew and fidget toy in one. Approx 15 cm in total length. Six arms, three with balls and three with loops, allowing them to be linked to each other or link the same one by bending across. Non toxic and washable in dishwasher, steriliser or warm water.
Catalog: ST39    Sku: ST39 Browse Category: Sensory Shop
Motivate to Communicate - SAVE $10
Motivate to Communicate - SAVE $10

| by Simone Griffin & Dianne Sandler | This practical resource is brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The clear, user-friendly format enables quick access to over 300 practical, fun-filled games and activities for developing your child’s communication skills.
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July 17, 2018
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