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Course Content

(Same Content as Tony's Face to Face Workshops)

Lesson 1
What is ASD
The 7 Parts of Criteria for Diagnosis
Girls & Women with ASD

Lesson 2
Cognitive Abilities: A different way of thinking and learning
Different way of Learning
Processing Time
Understanding Reading Problems with ASD
One Track Mind
Fear of Making Mistakes
Problem Solving & Frustations

Lesson 3
Weak Central Coherence
Effect on Areas of Ability and Behaviour
Ability to Attribute Social Meaning
ASD Friendly Classroom
Sensory Sensitivity
Suggestions to Reduce Auditory Sensitivity
Tactile Defensiveness
Challenging Behaviour
Behaviour as Communication

Lesson 4
Understanding the Amygdala
Triggers for Anxiety
Coping with Anxiety
Affective Education
Emotional Toolbox
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and its role in providing greater strategies to manage emotions and behaviour
The Emotional Tool Box, what it is and how to use
Exploring Affection

Lesson 5
Stages of Friendship
Ages 3-6
Using Social Stories
Social Curriculum
Friendships Ages 6 9
Friendships for Girls ASD
Special Interests: Origins and constructive strategies
Functions of Special Interests
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November 17, 2018
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