Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration
Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration Building Bridges through Sensory Integration | by Paula Aquilla, Shirley Sutton and Ellen Yack | code: B152 | This book offers a combination of theory and strategies. It is a perfect tool for those working with young children, but also broad enough to be adapted for older children and adults. It provides innovative strategies and practical advice for dealing with everyday challenges, including managing behaviours, improving muscle tone, developing social skills, selecting diets, and more. Part one explains the role of the occupational therapists in treatment and examines sensory integration theories. Part two offers methods of identifying sensory problems in children along with numerous strategies and activities.

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Practical Sensory Programmes
| by Sue Larkey | This book is designed for families and schools to incorporate sensory activities into the home and school in order to address the significant difficulties students with an ASD often encounter. It shows how to identify sensory problems and develop programmes. Over 100 activities including all five senses and movement.

Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms
| by Rebecca Moyes | This book helps walk any regular education or special education teacher through the process of setting up a sensory friendly classroom. It discusses the importance of data driven strategies, and then helps teachers implement them! Sensory integration disorder often presents as a behavioural problem; thus, although itís an internal state, it has to be addressed based on what observable behaviours are seen in the child.

Songames For Sensory Processing
| by Aubrey Lande & Bob Wiz | Fun and engaging for kids aged 3-8, Songames are musical activities for improving fine and gross motor skills, muscle strength, and rhythmicity. Comes with CDs and companion booklet which explains how to use music to enhance specific skills.

Simple Low-Cost Games and Activities for Sensorimotor Learning
| by Lisa A Kurtz | This practical sourcebook is packed full of fun, low-cost games and activities that encourage the development of motor skills, coordination and sensory tolerance in young children. Using materials that are readily-available in most households or that can be purchased or home-made at a very low cost, these games and activities are appropriate for all children, including those with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other learning challenges. The book includes clear descriptions of how to carry out each activity, helpful illustrations, and ways to adapt activities according to the childís individual needs. In addition, a comprehensive reference guide to the activities enables easy searching for games suited to the development of particular skills.

July 22, 2018
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