The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome
The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome | by Coulter | code: D12 | More than a male and female anatomy lesson, this DVD also helps young men with social challenges understand how to interact positively with girls and women. Most importantly, it puts sex into perspective, revealing the truth behind the myths boys may see in the media.

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DVD: Managing Puberty, Social Challenges and (Almost) Everything: A video guide for Girls | "THE TALK" just got easier. This DVD for girls nearing or going through puberty builds their knowledge, confidence and self-esteem. While appropriate for any girl, it’s especially helpful for young women diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or autism requiring support, or who are naturally shy.

Secret Boys Business
| by Heather Anderson , Fay Angelo and Rose Stewart | This puberty book includes information about the physical and emotional changes of puberty. It will give boys a greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality. Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. This puberty resource has simple language and fun illustrations which boys will enjoy. Secret Boys’ Business™ is a valuable puberty resource which can be used by boys, families, schools and community groups.

Special Boys Business
| by Heather Anderson, Fay Anglo and Rose Stewart | Special Boys’ Business™ takes a boy, his parents and carers through the changes experienced at puberty. Information is presented in simple text with clear colourful pictures. It is an appealing disability puberty book with fun, entertaining illustrations. Special Boys’ Business™ is a puberty resource written for boys with special needs.

July 18, 2018
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