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Off to School Package $420.00
Click Here for Product Details! This package is specifically for children about to start primary school. The Pack includes: Developing Social Skills Book, Teacher Assistant’s Big Red Book of Ideas, Teacher Assistant’s Big Blue Book of Ideas, Visual Learning, Making it a Success, and a 7.6cm Time Timer.
Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | Hundreds of ideas you can try. Setting up the classroom, the role of the teacher assistant, behaviour in the classroom and playground, stages of anxiety, transition, sensory toys and activities. Includes frequently asked questions and MORE!
Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | Companion to the Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas. Hundreds of new strategies to try. Social skills: playgrounds, friendships, building self esteem, bullying. In the classroom: getting on task, adapting tasks and exams, building independence. Managing anxiety and behaviour.
Making it a Success $55.00
Click Here for Product Details!
Developing Social Skills $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey & Gay von Ess | A starting point for teaching and encouraging social interactions and skills for children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. It is a useful concrete and visual resource which when coupled with videoing, role playing and modeling will help young primary school age children with an autism spectrum disorder to better understand the social world around them. This book includes hundreds of ideas, social stories and worksheets. It is a great resource full of time savers for home and school.
Practical Maths Programmes $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | This book is the ideal starting point for teaching key maths concepts to children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. It is full of practical ideas and strategies to teach the foundations of early maths and addition, and also includes worksheets and activities to incorporate maths into daily living skills such as money, shopping, cooking, timetabling, and lots more.
Visual Maths Addition Set $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | Magnetic maths cards and template to teach visual maths addition. Includes instructions for a direct teaching programme, magnetic maths cards and magnetic maths addition template. Companion to Practical Maths Programmes.
Practical Sensory Programmes $63.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey | This book is designed for families and schools to incorporate sensory activities into the home and school in order to address the significant difficulties students with an ASD often encounter. It shows how to identify sensory problems and develop programmes. Over 100 activities including all five senses and movement.
Photo Cook Books $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Durrant & Sue Larkey | These books are an ideal teaching programme for everyone. Cooking is a marvelous tool to teach everything from maths to social skills. Because cooking is a favourite with all children it’s a wonderful teaching and learning activity appropriate for all ages and stages! The manual has ready-made programmes linking curriculum and educational outcomes.
Practical Communication Programmes $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | Communication is the biggest area of skill deficits in nearly all children on the autism spectrum – whether it is little to no verbalisation, social skills or simply understanding spoken language. This book offers hundreds of ideas and strategies to improve communication skills – including picture exchange, teaching literacy skills, and emotions. It includes activities and resources you can photocopy.
How Do I Teach This Kid to Read? $48.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Kimberly Henry | This book presents simple instructional strategies that can be used to help develop early literacy skills in young children with autism. Dozens of fine-tuned, easily adaptable activities that teachers and parents can implement separately or in infinite combinations. Included are units on phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.
Tips for Toileting $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | A guide for parents and professionals toilet training children with an autism spectrum disorder. Contents include: When to start toilet training, getting started, the use of rewards, techniques, dealing with accidents, sensory issues, bowel motions, generalising, night time training, frequently asked questions, pages of visuals all ready for you to cut out and use! And lots more! 60 pages of helpful hints and ideas.
Visual Learning $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jodi Lee | Academic activities for the Visual Learner. Has over 100 pages of activities made with Boardmaker. Will save you hours of preparation. Encourages independent work. Easy to photocopy, laminate. Under all curriculum areas.
From Anxiety to Meltdown $53.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Deborah Lipsky | How Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Deal with Anxiety, Experience Meltdowns, Manifest Tantrums, and How You Can Intervene Effectively. This is a MUST HAVE book!!
Behaviour Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Beth Aune, Beth Burt & Peter Gennaro | This book is a must-have for every special needs and inclusive classroom. The easy to use format allows teachers to quickly look up an in-the-moment solution and learn about what the child is communicating, and why. This book illuminates possible causes of those mysterious behaviours, and more importantly, provides solutions!
No More Meltdowns $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Jed Baker | With 150 pages of wonderful information and strategies for home and school this book is divided into three areas: The Problem, The Solution and Plans. It is interwoven with stories of how the strategies have been used with different children. Chapters include: Meltdowns: When rewards and punishments are not enough!, What are Meltdowns made of? Creating a prevention plan.
More Behavior Solutions In and Beyond the Inclusive Classroom $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Beth Aune, Beth Burt & Peter Gennaro | More Behavior Solutions builds on the success of the first book by expanding the focus from within the classroom to all areas of the school environment – in the hallways, cafeteria, and auditorium, on the playground, and in therapy sessions during the school day. See a particular behaviour? Quickly look it up and find an immediate solution.
Helping Kids and Teens With ADHD in School $65.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Joanne Steer & Kate Horstmann | This fun and interactive workbook is aimed at actively engaging young people with ADHD and supporting them. Using tried-and-tested strategies and top tips, this fully-photocopiable workbook will help adults to work collaboratively with young people to learn, test strategies, set goals and develop comprehensive support plans around individual needs.
Asperger Syndrome and Bullying: Strategies and Solutions - SAVE $10 $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Nick Dublin | This book offers individuals with AS who are being bullied the opportunity to see that they are not alone, and it is an invaluable source of advice for parents, teachers, professionals and personnel managers.
Asperkids - SAVE $10 $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jennifer Cook O’Toole | An insider’s guide to loving, understanding and teaching children with Asperger Syndrome. If is full of effective and fun ways of engaging with children with Asperger Syndrome. Affirming that different doesn’t mean defective, this book offers the insight and guidance that parents, educators, and other professionals need to connect with the Asperkids in their life and get them excited about learning.
Aspergers Syndrome $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | This guide will assist parents and professionals with the identification, treatment and care of both children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. It provides a description and analysis of the unusual characteristics of the syndrome and practical strategies to reduce the most conspicuous or debilitating.
Aspergers and Girls $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | Featuring Tony Attwood and Temple Grandin, plus 7 more experts | Read candid stories written by the indomitable women who have lived them and hear from experts who discuss whether “Aspie girls” are slipping under the radar, undiagnosed; why many AS women feel like a minority within a minority! Provides practical solutions schools can implement for girls; social tips for teenage girls, navigating puberty, the transition to work or university, and the importance of careers.
The Complete Guide To Aspergers Syndrome $65.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | The definitive handbook for anyone affected by Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), it brings together a wealth of information for children through to adults. Essential reading for families and individuals as well as teachers, professionals and employers coming in contact with people with AS. This book is a must for anyone who needs to know about this condition.
Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew $48.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Ellen Notbohm | New updated and expanded edition. Every parent, teacher, social worker, therapist, and physician should have this succinct and informative book in their back pocket. Framed with both humour and compassion, the book describes ten characteristics that help illuminate – not define – children with autism. A gift of understanding.
The CAT-Kit $300.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | The Cognitive Affective Training (CAT) kit is a programme that consists of visual, interactive, and customisable communication elements for children and young adults. It is designed to help students become aware of how their thoughts, feelings and actions all interact and, in the process of using the various visual components, they share their insights with others. It is an easy and effective way to work with neuro-typical children and young adults as well as with people with developmental disabilities.
Exploring Feelings: For Young Children with High-Functioning Autism or Aspergers Disorder $63.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Angela Scarpa, Anthony Wells and Tony Attwood | Young children with autism have particular difficulty in understanding and controlling their emotions, especially when those emotions are negative. This practical manual for professionals provides a set of simple strategies to help children with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome who suffer from mood difficulties to decrease negative feelings and increase positive feelings in daily life.
Socially Speaking $85.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Alison Schroeder | Socially Speaking will help you to introduce and practice skills your pupils need to develop and maintain relationships and to lead independent lives outside the school context. Socially Speaking is a unique social skills programme that lasts a whole school year and is divided into three units: let’s communicate, let’s be friends, and let’s practice.
Exploring Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anxiety $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | A guide for caregivers with a workbook section allowing children to identify situations that make them anxious and learn how to perceive the situation differently. Anxiety can be debilitating for anyone, especially for a child. Learning about emotions helps children recognise connections between thinking and feeling, and helps them identify the physiological effects of anxiety on the body (sweating, increased heart rate, crying, etc).
Socially Speaking Board Game $110.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Alison Schroeder | code: O05 | Designed to complement the Socially Speaking book, this fun game focuses on social interaction in three key areas: home, school, and the wider community. Children are able practice vital skills such as greetings, turn-taking, eye contact, listening, compliments, emotions, telephoning others, showing interest in what others are saying, sitting appropriately and still, asking and answering questions, using your voice effectively, developing and maintaining friendships, and more. Contains game board, 100 question cards, playing pieces and teacher’s notes for 2 to 6 players. Cards can be used for whole class activities.
Exploring Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anger $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | A guide for caregivers with a workbook portion that asks children to identify situations that trigger anger and find appropriate responses. Many children with developmental delays, struggle to express their feelings resulting in difficulty with anger management. Listing possible responses to situations and the likely outcome allows the child to make informed decisions about which responses to choose (walking away vs. hitting).
How to Stop Your Words Bumping into Someone Elses $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Anna Tullemans & Rhonda Dixon | This book has 18 great A4 clear pages with an excellent picture to explain so many of the common challenges students with an ASD face in social and school situations. They include: Getting Someone’s Attention, Starting a Conversation, Interrupting, Asking Someone to Play, What if a Person Say’s “No”?, Asking for Help, How loud or soft your voice should be, Waiting in Line, Waiting on the Mat and Waiting at your Desk.
Why Do I Have To? $27.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Laurie Leventhal-Belfer | Why do I have to? looks at a set of every day situations that provide challenges for children at home, with their friends, and at school. Empathises with children’s wish to do things their way, explains clearly why their way does not work, and provides a list of practical suggestions for how to cope with these challenges and avoid feelings of frustration. This is the ideal book for children who have difficulty coping with the expectations of daily living, as well as for their parents and the professionals who work with them.
What did you say? What did you mean? $42.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jude Welton | Jude Welton looks at a hundred of the most common figures of speech in this visual workbook designed as a springboard for family and classroom discussions. Each figure of speech is accompanied by an illustration showing its literal meaning, which will help ASD children recognise and learn to enjoy metaphors and figurative language.
The Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching play, emotion and communication to children with autism $90.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Jed Baker | The Social Skills Picture Books immediately zoomed to the top of the chart in books on autism and Asperger’s because it provides a teaching tool that “engages the attention and motivation of students who need help learning appropriate social skills.” It demonstrates through pictures nearly 80 social skills, such as conversation, play, emotion management and empathy.
Apps For Autism - Revised and Expanded! $87.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Lois Jean Brady | Revised and Expanded
Motivate to Communicate - SAVE $10 $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Simone Griffin & Dianne Sandler | This practical resource is brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The clear, user-friendly format enables quick access to over 300 practical, fun-filled games and activities for developing your child’s communication skills.
Time Timer PLUS $85.00
Click Here for Product Details! Time Timer PLUS| code: TT 5 | The Time Timer PLUS is a unique visual timer and the ideal solution for anyone who struggles with time. For over 20 years, children, adults and groups have used the Time Timer to stay focused, productive and relaxed throughout the day. As time elapses, the signature red disk disappears, creating a clear and simple picture of the time remaining. Portable and quiet with a protective cover, the Time Timer PLUS is a great way to promote efficient time management at work, school and home.
Time Timer - 20cm Large $70.00
Click Here for Product Details! 20cm Time Timer (large) | Used as an interactive teaching tool, this classroom-tested teaching aide reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining. The Time Timer can be used to set time limits, measure the duration of activities and train students to make better use of available time.
Portable Schedule with Digital Timer $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! Portable Schedule with Digital Timer | Links visual schedules with a time frame. Great for routines, concept of time, pre-warns how long until finish, self monitoring and more!
Sensory Mat $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! Sensory Mat | Offers instant calming for people who have a hard time staying in once place for long periods of time. 33cm diameter.
Mini Bean Chair $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! Mini Bean Chair | These mini bean chairs are better than standard bean bags because the bag is already set in the position to sit comfortably in, as opposed to normal bean bags which you have to wriggle around in to get comfy. The sides give children more of an encased feeling. Comes with an inner liner so can be removed for cleaning. Two sizes available: 1-6 years or 6-12 years. Beans not included.