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The Early Years: The Foundations For All Learning $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey & Gay von Ess | This book is full of practical ideas to give children with an ASD and other developmental delays the KEYS to learning. Teaching to play, write, draw, imitate etc. Toilet training, community access, etc. To sit, ask for help, wait, play, attention to task, sign songs, etc. Great easy to photocopy programmes.
Tips for Toileting $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | A guide for parents and professionals toilet training children with an autism spectrum disorder. Contents include: When to start toilet training, getting started, the use of rewards, techniques, dealing with accidents, sensory issues, bowel motions, generalising, night time training, frequently asked questions, pages of visuals all ready for you to cut out and use! And lots more! 60 pages of helpful hints and ideas.
Early Years Package $375.00
Click Here for Product Details! This package is specifically for children in their early years. The Pack includes: The Early Years, Practical Sensory Programmes, Practical Communication Programmes, Tips for Toileting, Teach Me to Play CD, Pics for PEC CD, 20cm Time Timer.
Practical Maths Programmes $60.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | This book is the ideal starting point for teaching key maths concepts to children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. It is full of practical ideas and strategies to teach the foundations of early maths and addition, and also includes worksheets and activities to incorporate maths into daily living skills such as money, shopping, cooking, timetabling, and lots more.
Practical Communication Programmes $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | Communication is the biggest area of skill deficits in nearly all children on the autism spectrum – whether it is little to no verbalisation, social skills or simply understanding spoken language. This book offers hundreds of ideas and strategies to improve communication skills – including picture exchange, teaching literacy skills, and emotions. It includes activities and resources you can photocopy.
Practical Sensory Programmes $63.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Sue Larkey | This book is designed for families and schools to incorporate sensory activities into the home and school in order to address the significant difficulties students with an ASD often encounter. It shows how to identify sensory problems and develop programmes. Over 100 activities including all five senses and movement.
Teach Me To Play CD $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Durrant & Sue Larkey | Over 40 play schedules to use immediately. Load into your computer, choose, print, play! Encourages children with an ASD to play! Over 300 pictures let you create your own play schedules and variations!
Teach Me Art n Craft CD $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Heather Durrant & Sue Larkey | Over 80 fun art and craft activities. CD includes templates for each activity as well as curriculum and learning outcomes for the activities.
Pics for PECS CD $80.00
Click Here for Product Details! Pics for PECS CD | This CD contains over 2000 icons! The icons are organised by broad categories: alphabet, animals, attributes (colours, sizes, shapes), body parts, food/drinks, locations, numerals, sentence starters and songs, vehicles, actions/verbs, musical instruments and clothing. The images on this CD are in jpeg (jpg) format. Icons may be used as any clip art images. Compatible with all Word programs and newer Apple.
Apps For Autism - Revised and Expanded! $87.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Lois Jean Brady | Revised and Expanded
Motivate to Communicate - SAVE $10 $35.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Simone Griffin & Dianne Sandler | This practical resource is brimming with exciting ideas and guidance for motivating children with autism and other communication difficulties. The clear, user-friendly format enables quick access to over 300 practical, fun-filled games and activities for developing your child’s communication skills.
Aspergers Syndrome $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Dr Tony Attwood | This guide will assist parents and professionals with the identification, treatment and care of both children and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. It provides a description and analysis of the unusual characteristics of the syndrome and practical strategies to reduce the most conspicuous or debilitating.
Whoever You Are $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Mem Fox | This is a wonderful story which celebrates the differences between children everywhere. The story encourages children to realise that no matter what people may be like on the outside, inside they are just like them.
My Friend with Autism $40.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Beverly Bishop | With vivid illustrations and a charming storyline this book will foster tolerance and understanding among peers. A peer narrator explains that his friend with autism is good at some things and not so good at others – just like everyone else. In an informative, positive tone, he addresses issues such as sensory sensitivity, communication differences, unique ways of playing and insistence on routine.
Starting Sensory Therapy $45.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Bonnie Arnwine | 100+ activities and games for children that require minimal time, money, and clean-up. Most “ingredients” are already on hand: empty yogurt cups, string, soap, Kool-aid, flour, paper plates, etc. Activities can be enjoyed with others, so children also benefit from interacting socially with their peers, parents, and teachers.
Time Timer - 20cm Large $70.00
Click Here for Product Details! 20cm Time Timer (large) | Used as an interactive teaching tool, this classroom-tested teaching aide reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining. The Time Timer can be used to set time limits, measure the duration of activities and train students to make better use of available time.
Time Timer PLUS $85.00
Click Here for Product Details! Time Timer PLUS| code: TT 5 | The Time Timer PLUS is a unique visual timer and the ideal solution for anyone who struggles with time. For over 20 years, children, adults and groups have used the Time Timer to stay focused, productive and relaxed throughout the day. As time elapses, the signature red disk disappears, creating a clear and simple picture of the time remaining. Portable and quiet with a protective cover, the Time Timer PLUS is a great way to promote efficient time management at work, school and home.
Songames For Sensory Processing $62.00
Click Here for Product Details! | by Aubrey Lande & Bob Wiz | Fun and engaging for kids aged 3-8, Songames are musical activities for improving fine and gross motor skills, muscle strength, and rhythmicity. Comes with CDs and companion booklet which explains how to use music to enhance specific skills.
Token Reward System $5.00
Click Here for Product Details! Token Reward Systems are a great reward system which has more visual impact on a child with an autism spectrum disorder as he/she can immediately see how many tokens have been gained and how many more are needed before the incentive/reward is obtained.
Pencil Grips $4.00
Click Here for Product Details! Pencil Grips: standard, cross-over or pinch grip | For left and right handers. The Crossover Grip uses the same great design as the Standard Pencil Grip but added wings to prevent fingers from crossing over each other. The new Pinch Grip balances the structure of the Crossover Grip with the freedom of the Standard Grip. The Grips can be used as a three step process starting with Crossover, then Pinch Grip and finally Standard.
Sensory Mat $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! Sensory Mat | Offers instant calming for people who have a hard time staying in once place for long periods of time. 33cm diameter.
Chewy Tubes $13.00
Click Here for Product Details! Chewy Tubes | Wonderful for children who bite their clothes, bodies or seek objects to chew. Non-toxic, latex free, lead free and don’t contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes® are safe and can help redirect problem chewing behaviours and help develop proper chewing skills. A wide range of colours of Original (T-shaped) and Super Chewy Tubes (with handle) available.
Chew Stixx $13.00
Click Here for Product Details! Flavoured and Plain Chew Stixx | An excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input, and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding. When used properly provides a safe and bacteria free alternative for children who chew on shirts, pencils, fingers. Both plain (red or blue) and flavoured (grape or orange) available.
Tactile Tiger Brush $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! Tactile Tiger Brush | Use to brush the child’s skin to desensitise them to touch.
Mini Bean Chair $55.00
Click Here for Product Details! Mini Bean Chair | These mini bean chairs are better than standard bean bags because the bag is already set in the position to sit comfortably in, as opposed to normal bean bags which you have to wriggle around in to get comfy. The sides give children more of an encased feeling. Comes with an inner liner so can be removed for cleaning. Two sizes available: 1-6 years or 6-12 years. Beans not included.